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Blog. Ceredigion Coastal Path


The warm and dry weather of nearly 3 months is finally over. To many, it is a relief. The ground was so dry, cows and sheep were in difficulty finding their grazing rights. Farmers already using much of their winter feed.

It has been and still is a wonderful summer here in West Wales.

The sea is still warm and so is the air. Lots of swimming in the sea although the rivers are very low. After a little rain, lush blackberries are starting to ripen. My runner bean have just gone crazy and I now have 2 butter squash growing, one up from last year. Think it will be also a good year for sloes and sweet chestnuts.

Did my usual summer walk from Llangranog to Cymtydu. Dropped down to visit one of the smallest islands in the UK, Ynys Lochtyn. A perfect spot for a picnic.

Took a friend up Cader Idris but was blown back by strong winds and heavy rain. Had to retreat, disappointing but there will always be another day - it's not going to disappear.


Blistering heat has turned our environment looking like Northern Spain or Provence.

The high pressure has been with us for over 2 months now. Shorts are de rigueur as is a very decent Mediterranean tan. This is far from what we are used to but ...make the most of it.

Plants and bushes are wilting but a regular supply of fresh water means our vegetables are thriving. A bumper crop of tomatoes this year.

The sea is almost warm attracting on one of the many beaches, small, but rather beautiful jelly fish.

Cayaking last week attracted dolphins who seem to enjoy our company. The evening are gloriously long and so many sunsets of all degrees of hue.

The forecast is the same for the next 2 weeks so....



What's happened?

This must be the 6th week we have had beautiful weather, it's amazing. Guess it's our summer.

Apart from very heavy rain storm, which brought down my gutter, it has been very warm and sunny.

All the bushes, blossoms , flowers all came out at once. Can't ever remembering seeing blue bells and hawthorn blossom out at the same time.

The Cycle festival was a big success. I went down on Saturday afternoon. Full of kids and young adults, all in their lycra gear . Budding Bradley Wiggins? From all over the UK as well . Hundreds of bikes and vans and spectators. Quite impressive.

The "Fire in the Mountain" was probably the best it has ever been. Weather helps of course. Very well organised. Lots to do for the kids. Saw and heard some terrific music from an American troubadour, to psychadellic rockers, to Irish jiggery, to the most beautiful duo singing on violin and guitar. Bristolian McGlynn & Casey.

Back to swimming in the sea now which I love - beautiful at sunset.

Blog. Aberyswyth Cycle fest

So, we are having some very good weather.

All of May so far, has been dry and reasonably warm. Aber has been experiencing sea mists for a few days but the sun has finally broken through.

Bank Holiday was busy busy.

In fact the following few weeks will continue to be so. We have 3 days of spectacular cycle racing in and out of the town. Then we have the wonderful rural music festival , Fire in the Mountain (please Google for details) in the next village to us.

Life is good in Llanafan at the moment


What a difference a week makes,.

We have nearly a week of unbroken warm sunshine. All of nature has responded. Primroses, bluebells, dandelions, camelias, black thorn blossom all now in full force. The hedgerows have also come alive with wild flowers , new buds and grasses.The lambs are already tubby while the calves are just appearing from their stables with their over caring Mum's.

Spent a lovely evening by the Afon Ystwyth. Camp fire, supper and glorious silver moonlight.

Front of the house has now gleaming white and new lights added .

Spring is here.

Blog. In the snow

MARCH 2018

So, the snowdrop started to pop up, the daff took a look and even my Camelia thought, oo it's time then.....


Shockingly cold weather and a blanket of snow. Waist high drifts and roads blocked - welcome to spring.

The annual cawl, which is an evening in celebration of St David (Dewi Sant) , was cancelled which was my biggest disappointment. An opportunity for the community to get together for a bite to eat and listen to some local Welsh folk music.

The snow and Arctic cold was a short affair just 3-4 days but had a significant impact in Wales and further afield.

Blog. Ystwyth in the mist

APRIL 2018

Spring is along time coming this year.

Certainly the flowers are confused by the variation in temperature. Both the snowdrops and daffodils have given up the ghost. We even had a little snow yesterday. Small comfort that the clocks go forward so the daylight evenings are longer.

The Primrose and Lesser Celandine are clearly smarter, just waiting. The lambs have finally been let loose from the barn. Skipping , leaping and generally getting rid of those indoor cobwebs. Their Mums,of course, relieved to have time for themselves to forage on fresh grass.

Every effort is made to keep the community spirits up. The celebration of St David's, the cawl ,was re-scheduled. The monthly movie evening continues to thrive.

We even had, the National Theatre of Wales , perform one of their "shows" just up the road in Pont.

So life does go on.....

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