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Blog. Ystwyth in the mist

APRIL 2018

Spring is along time coming this year.

Certainly the flowers are confused by the variation in temperature. Both the snowdrops and daffodils have given up the ghost. We even had a little snow yesterday. Small comfort that the clocks go forward so the daylight evenings are longer.

The Primrose and Lesser Celandine are clearly smarter, just waiting. The lambs have finally been let loose from the barn. Skipping , leaping and generally getting rid of those indoor cobwebs. Their Mums,of course, relieved to have time for themselves to forage on fresh grass.

Every effort is made to keep the community spirits up. The celebration of St David's, the cawl ,was re-scheduled. The monthly movie evening continues to thrive.

We even had, the National Theatre of Wales , perform one of their "shows" just up the road in Pont.

So life does go on.....

Blog. In the snow

MARCH 2018

So, the snowdrop started to pop up, the daff took a look and even my Camelia thought, oo it's time then.....


Shockingly cold weather and a blanket of snow. Waist high drifts and roads blocked - welcome to spring.

The annual cawl, which is an evening in celebration of St David (Dewi Sant) , was cancelled which was my biggest disappointment. An opportunity for the community to get together for a bite to eat and listen to some local Welsh folk music.

The snow and Arctic cold was a short affair just 3-4 days but had a significant impact in Wales and further afield.

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